All of Programming

Andrew Hilton, Anne Bracy, "All of Programming"
English | ISBN: 0996718214, 9780996718219 | 2019 | 765 pages | EPUB | 10 MB

All of Programming provides a platform for instructors to design courses which properly place their focus on the core fundamentals of programming, or to let a motivated student learn these skills independently. A student who masters the material in this book will not just be a competent C programmer, but also a competent programmer. We teach students how to solve programming problems with a 7-step approach centered on thinking about how to develop an algorithm. We also teach students to deeply understand how the code works by teaching students how to execute the code by hand.

This is Edition 1 (the second edition, as C programmers count from 0). It fixes a variety of formatting issues that arose from epub conversion, most notably practice exercises are now available in flowing text mode.



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