The America’s Test Kitchen New Family Cookbook

Editors at America’s Test Kitchen, “The America’s Test Kitchen New Family Cookbook”
2014 | ISBN: 1936493853 | 928 pages | PDF | 142 MB

This new edition is a fresh design with four-color food photography throughout. And at 888 pages, it is even bigger and more comprehensive than the original.

1,100 Foolproof Recipes: New recipes like Weeknight Roast Chicken (which roasts in the oven in a preheated skillet), Slow-Roasted Beef (salting an eye-round roast, searing it, and then roasting it in a very low oven makes this bargain cut tender and juicy), and Foolproof Pie Dough (we replace some of the water with vodka) represent landmark work done during the past 10 years in the test kitchen. New recipes like Kale and Sunflower Seed Pesto are fresher updates of the classics. In the mix are more recipes using grains (everything from farro to quinoa), as well as vegetarian entrées.

Learn How Tutorials: Throughout the book are 60 illustrated tutorials for core recipes and techniques that the test kitchen thinks everyone should master things like making a pan sauce, carving a chicken, making a classic quiche or pot roast, or stir-frying tofu. These step-by-step features will sharpen any cook s skills and teach the test kitchen s secrets for making food taste better.

The ATK Shopping Guide: This valuable shopping guide (expanded and fully updated) features the test kitchen s no-nonsense ratings of equipment and ingredients. With this information, anyone can be a smarter consumer whether buying a charcoal grill, a garlic press, chicken broth, or canned tomatoes.

More than 1,000 Step-by-Step Photos: Color photos illustrate ingredient prep techniques as well as key steps within recipes.

Great Resource Material: Throughout the book All About pages present valuable information, often with cooking charts, including how to cook rice, grains, and beans; how to brine meat and poultry; and how to buy fish. Home cooks will refer to this information again and again.


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