The Comprehensive Programming in R Course

Udemy – The Comprehensive Programming in R Course
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How to design and develop efficient general-purpose R applications for diverse tasks and domains.The Comprehensive Programming in R Course is actually a combination of two R programming courses that together comprise a gentle, yet thorough introduction to the practice of general-purpose application development in the R environment. The original first course (Sections 1-8) consists of approximately 12 hours of video content and provides extensive example-based instruction on details for programming R data structures. The original second course (Sections 9-14), an additional 12 hours of video content, provides a comprehensive overview on the most important conceptual topics for writing efficient programs to execute in the unique R environment. Participants in this comprehensive course may already be skilled programmers (in other languages) or they may be complete novices to R programming or to programming in general, but their common objective is to write R applications for diverse domains and purposes. No statistical knowledge is necessary. These two courses, combined into one course here on Udemy, together comprise a thorough introduction to using the R environment and language for general-purpose application development.


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