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Mermaid Food: 50 Deep Sea Desserts to Inspire Your Imagination by Cayla Gallagher
English | July 2nd, 2019 | ISBN: 1631584251 | 136 pages | EPUB | 10.43 MB

Whether whipping up swimmingly frosted cupcakes, a mermaid tale shaped cake, cake pops, shakes, and more sweet treats from the deep, you’ll want to dive right in!

Enter the world of fantasy and imagine what a party would look like if it were in the wonderful underwater universe where the sirens live. This book brings together fifty favorite mermaid recipes that you can now enjoy as well. Learn how to magically convert classic recipes into something worthy of a bottom-of-the-sea banquet table!

Mermaid Food offers a great variety of cakes, cookies, and fantastic delicacies that will fill your table with marine colors.

Recipes include:
• Cupcakes in delicious turquoise tones
• Varieties of cookies for all tastes
• Delicious and irresistible siren shakes
• Ideas to customize a mermaid-themed party table
• And many more sweet whims you’ll love!

Immerse yourself in the kitchen and enjoy this combination of colorful photographs and simple recipes suitable for all levels of bakers.





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