First Course in Mathematical Logic (Dover Books on Mathematics)

First Course in Mathematical Logic (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Patrick Suppes
English | 30 Apr. 2012 | ISBN: 1114127175, 0486422593 | ASIN: B00A7369W8, B0006AYXDY | 288 Pages | MOBI | 1.51 MB

In modern mathematics, both the theory of proof and the derivation of theorems from axioms bear an unquestioned importance. The necessary skills behind these methods, however, are frequently underdeveloped. This book counters that neglect with a rigorous introduction that is simple enough in presentation and context to permit relatively easy comprehension. It comprises the sentential theory of inference, inference with universal quantifiers, and applications of the theory of inference developed to the elementary theory of commutative groups. Throughout the book, the authors emphasize the pervasive and important problem of translating English sentences into logical or mathematical symbolism. Their clear and coherent style of writing ensures that this work may be used by students in a wide range of ages and abilities.




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