Foundations of Leadership: A little book on leadership for IT Professionals by IT Professionals

Foundations of Leadership: A little book on leadership for IT Professionals by IT Professionals by Mark Faithfull
English | 17 Oct. 2017 | ISBN: 1521444943 | ASIN: B076JKL4NF | 96 Pages | AZW3 | 343.59 KB

Foundations of Leadership describes 5 leadership principles that you need to understand as you enter your first leadership role in your career in Tech, IT or engineering.

"refreshingly candid, provocative and well-tailored for the IT market" Jonathan Bowring

It is a truth self evident that great engineers do not automatically make great leaders. Foundations in Leadership will provide you with the essential building blocks to start your leadership journey in any technology driven organisation.

The five foundations of leadership are:

POTENTIAL: Realise and unleash the potential in yourself and your team. As you develop your leadership ability you will lead your team to greater success. Escape your comfort zone when you identify and eliminate the self-limiting beliefs that are holding back your success.

PURPOSE: Set a vision, align the strategy and mark out the goals that will ensure you achieve them. And then communicate it clearly to your team and your peers. Learn how to define goals for yourself and your team that result in real change and how to create and deliver an IT Strategy that your business will buy into.

PROGRESS: We are paid for results we produce, not the time we spend – learn the one incredible team hack that will transform your team’s productivity and reputation and enable you to consistently get projects Done!

PROTECT: As leaders we can become so focused on the mission that we can forget to protect the ship – learn how to apply this principle to your team and business today.

PROCESS: The right process does not slow you down, it speeds you up. Discover the importance of processes to underpin consistent and reliable day to day operations. People run processes, processes run your business. Learn the power of Process to simplify your operations, increase reliability and productivity and reduce errors and stress.

Drawing on a 20 year career in corporate IT and my experience as a John Maxwell Team certified teacher and coach, this book will help you understand your leadership responsibilities to your team, your business, your shareholders and yourself.

“Foundations for Leadership is a practical book filled with practical advice on leadership. Mark writes as one who has learned the lessons and walked the walk on a leadership journey, and not only provides great advice but also points the reader where to go for further growth opportunities. Read this and you will uncover ideas and challenges that you can apply immediately that will bring lasting value to your leadership journey. “
- Roger Fairhead, Leadership For Business




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