Get Programming with F#: A guide for .NET developers

Isaac Abraham, "Get Programming with F#: A guide for .NET developers"
2018 | ISBN-10: 1617293997 | 400 pages | PDF | 8 MB

F# leads to quicker development time and a lower total cost of ownership. Its powerful feature set allows developers to more succinctly express their intent, and encourages best practices – leading to higher quality deliverables in less time. Programming with F#: A guide for .NET developers shows you how to upgrade your .NET development skills by adding a touch of functional programming in F#. In just 43 bite-size chunks, you’ll learn to use F# to tackle the most common .NET programming tasks.You’ll start with the basics of F# and functional programming, building on your existing skills in the .NET framework. Examples use the familiar Visual Studio environment, so you’ll be instantly comfortable. Packed with enlightening examples, real-world use cases, and plenty of easyto-digest code, this easy-to-follow tutorial will make you wonder why you didn’t pick up F# years ago!KEY FEATURES• Hands-on chapters• Practical examples• Bite-size lessons• Try This exercisesFor intermediate C# and Visual Basic .NET developers who have heard about F# and functional programming and want to understand the benefits and use it as a part of their existing toolbox without having to throw away existing code.ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGYF# is a mature, open-source functional-first language that’s rapidly growing in popularity both inside and outside the .NET ecosystem.AUTHOR BIOIsaac Abraham is an F# MVP and a .NET developer since .NET 1.0 with an interest in cloud computing and distributed data problems. He lives in both the UK and Germany, and is the director of Compositional IT.



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