Interpersonal Communication 3rd Edition

Interpersonal Communication 3rd Edition by Kory Floyd
English | 2017 | ISBN: 0073523909 | 481 Pages | PDF | 200 MB

Kory Floyd’s approach to interpersonal communication stemsfrom his research on the positive impact communication has on our health andwell-being. Interpersonal Communication personalizes learning forevery student no matter whom they are or where they are ensuring that theycome to your class prepared with the foundations and ready to improve theirinterpersonal skills and choices for their academic personal and professionallives through your teaching and coaching.Kory Floyd’s approach to interpersonalcommunication stems from his research on the positive impact of communicationon our health and well-being. Interpersonal Communication 3e shows learners how effectiveinterpersonal communication can improve their academic personal andprofessional lives. By highlighting the latest scholarship; incorporatingcoverage of social media and technology in every chapter; and focusing on learners’relational emotional and physical health Floyd helps students build their communicationskills in practical real world contexts. The new edition also includes over 70% newscholarly references reorganized relationship chapters and tons of newexamples to enhance the book’s utility for instructors and relevance totoday’s learners.InterpersonalCommunication is now available as a SmartBookthe first and only adaptive reading experience that highlights content based on what the individual learner knows anddoesn’t know and provides focused help at that moment in need through targetedlearning resources (including videos mini-lessons and other interactivities).SmartBook’s intuitive technology optimizes learner study time by creating apersonalized learning path for improved course performance.



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