Modern Web Development: Understanding domains, technologies, and user experience

Modern Web Development: Understanding domains, technologies, and user experience (Developer Reference) by Dino Esposito
English | Mar 12, 2016 | ISBN: 1509300015 | 448 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 81.51 MB

This book presents a pragmatic, problem-driven, user-focused approach to planning, designing, and building dynamic web solutions.

You’ll learn how to gain maximum value from Domain-Driven Design (DDD), define optimal supporting architecture, and succeed with modern UX-first design approaches. The author guides you through choosing and implementing specific technologies and addresses key user-experience topics, including mobile-friendly and responsive design. You’ll learn how to gain more value from existing Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET MVC and SignalR by using them alongside other technologies such as Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, and JQuery. By using these techniques and understanding the new ASP.NET Core 1.0, you can quickly build advanced web solutions that solve today’s problems and deliver an outstanding user experience.

Microsoft MVP Dino Esposito shows you how to:
Plan websites and web apps to mirror real-world social and business processes
Use DDD to dissect and master the complexity of business domains
Use UX-Driven Design to reduce costs and give customers what they want
Realistically compare server-side and client-side web paradigms
Get started with the new ASP.NET Core 1.0
Simplify modern visual webpage construction with Bootstrap
Master practical, efficient techniques for running ASP.NET MVC projects
Consider new options for implementing persistence and working with data models
Understand Responsive Web Design’s pros, cons, and tradeoffs
Build truly mobile-friendly, mobile-optimized websites

About This Book
For experienced developers and solution architects who want to plan and develop web solutions more effectively
Assumes basic familiarity with the Microsoft web development stack




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