Owning Bitcoin: The Illustrated Guide to Security, Privacy, and Potential

Owning Bitcoin: The Illustrated Guide to Security, Privacy, and Potential by Richard Apodaca
English | 28 Sep. 2017 | ASIN: B075TRCCCZ | 732 Pages | AZW3 | 6.76 MB

Hundreds of blogs, videos, and books claim to explain Bitcoin. Some of them work well, but only if you belong to the right audience. Many works throw non-experts into the deep end without a life vest. Others skip along the surface leaving non-beginners little of value for their time.

The result is unsatisfying at best and dangerous at worst. Without the knowledge and confidence to manage your own money, you may entrust it to others – the very situation Bitcoin was created to overturn. All the while, these services gobble up financial secrets for unknown ends. Even if you have no bitcoin, ignorance of Bitcoin’s technical underpinnings makes it hard to follow new developments and spot opportunities.

The problem isn’t you, it’s the way Bitcoin has been presented so far. Owning Bitcoin takes a different approach that reveals Bitcoin’s inner workings in an approachable yet technically sound way. Starting with everyday ideas, this book goes way beyond the basics – one step at a time. All technical terms are defined in plain English. Over 300 figures help to explain key concepts graphically. Chapters merging theory and practice lay out a practical system for securing your own money and financial privacy. Although familiarity with basic computer science concepts might be helpful, it’s not necessary.

Owning Bitcoin will teach you ways to think about and use Bitcoin with confidence. Start today and begin owning Bitcoin.







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