Taiwan in Simple English: The Best Guidebook for Travelers and Tour Guides (English for Tourism),…

Taiwan in Simple English: The Best Guidebook for Travelers and Tour Guides (English for Tourism), 3rd Edition by Paul O’Hagan, Peg Tinsley, Owain Mckimm
English | September 18th, 2019 | ISBN: 9863180351 | 214 pages | PDF | 665.01 MB

This book is comprised of 32 interesting articles that introduce Taiwan from different perspectives, including its geographical position, customs, daily life, historical background, and present development.

The book aims to teach readers almost everything about Taiwan in simple and clear English. After you have gained some basic and useful English vocabulary, you will learn how to talk about Taiwan without having to use many complicated and difficult expressions. As you read the book, you will learn how to use easily-understood English to talk about not only Taiwan but also many other topics!

• Each unit of the book is divided into four sections that serve different functions.
• It begins with a few short passages that provide information concerning various aspects of Taiwan, such as religion, culture, language, economy, and history.
• Then the next section has a quiz based on the short passages, which helps you to focus on reading carefully and test your comprehension.
• In the Conversation section, you and a partner will talk about the subjects from the passages. Practicing the lively conversations about the articles will enhance your abilities in oral English.
• The Practice section after the Reading Passage and Conversation offers you the opportunity to review what you’ve learned. The valuable practice in each unit includes listening, reading, and writing.
• In addition, there are many colorful illustrations with explanations that will help you to fully appreciate Taiwanese culture, food, and scenic spots.
• Sometimes, one or two additional passages are provided at the end of the unit to enrich your knowledge about Taiwan.

While reading this book, you will have the opportunity to take a close look at the beautiful island of Taiwan and be surprised to learn that using English is both easy and fun!


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