Teach Yourself VISUALLY Apple Watch

Guy Hart-Davis, “Teach Yourself VISUALLY Apple Watch”
English | ISBN: 1119059518 | 2015 | EPUB/MOBI/PDF | 256 pages | 62 MB/101 MB/62 MB

Master your new smartwatch quickly and easily with this highly visual guide
Teach Yourself VISUALLY Apple Watch is a practical, accessible guide to mastering the powerful features and functionality of your new smartwatch. For Apple devotees and new users alike, this easy-to-follow guide features visually rich tutorials and step-by-step instructions that show you how to take advantage of all of the Apple watch’s capabilities. You’ll learn how to track your health, control household devices, download and install apps, sync your music, sync other Apple devices, and efficiently use the current OS. The visually driven instruction style dovetails perfectly with the visual cue-based OS, helping you master the basic features and explore the more advanced functionality and most commonly associated accessories.

The Apple Watch is the latest addition to Apple’s family of mobile devices, featuring the latest in consumer wearable tech. This guide is your expert, visual reference for unlocking all the features of your Apple Watch. Learn the features visually with 400 full-color screen shots

Master the basic Apple Watch functions and customize your settings
Get optimal performance from your smartwatch with expert tips
Find the best apps and services to fit your personal needs
The Apple Watch’s graphics-intensive touch interface is perfect for visual learners, and this guide mirrors that feature with a highly visual approach to using both the OS and the device itself. With full coverage, plenty of screen shots, and expert tips and tricks, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Apple Watch is the companion you cannot be without.







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