Android Beginners User Guide for Tablets: Also Suits Phones & Google TV

Android Beginners User Guide for Tablets: Also Suits Phones & Google TV: All Android Versions Including Latest 6.0 Marshmallow by Chris Gornall
English | 22 Nov. 2015 | ASIN: B018ET7E02 | 136 Pages | PDF/EPUB/AZW3 (conv) | 3.01 MB

The guide is packed with all the essentials you will need, and contains almost 250 icons and illustrations to help a beginner use an android device . The LOOK INSIDE feature previews extracts from throughout the guide, not only the beginning, to give you a better idea of the contents.

The updated guide now includes the latest Android version 6.0 which Google has called Marshmallow and is aimed at readers who have never operated any Android device previously. The original version sold over 1500 copies through only two outlets in the last year with an almost 100% feedback. Feedback included words such as- a lifesaver, worth every penny, just right for beginners, well written, clear instructions, brilliant book.

The most critical information, which a beginner needs, is explained in detail, click by click, generally in the order that the reader needs it, in the early parts of the guide, plus many links are provided to other external user guides for selected apps, which the reader can consult later. At the end of the guide is a three page summary of the icons and controls used in navigating the Android system, to serve as a reference chart for future use.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Having retired 3 years ago, after 30 years in export sales, marketing and IT, I looked around for something to fill in my time. I love technology and having owned countless Android smart phones, tablets and Android TV units, I felt there was a need for beginners’ user guides, so I wrote this. I do hope that you will consider purchasing it. Thanks!


The Main Icons & Navigation Controls
Practising Some of the Basic Controls
Getting to Know Your Device
Additional Sources of Information
Switching on for the First Time
Overcoming any Screen Lock (Touchscreen Devices)
Connecting to Your Wireless Network
Adjusting Your Most Important Settings
Overview of Email & Importing Contacts
Lock Screen
Quick Settings Menu
Notification Settings – Android 5.0 Onwards
Desktop Screens
Contacts App
Phone App
Text Messaging App
Gmail App User Guide
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Transferring Data from Windows PC to Your Device
Cloud Storage
File Management
Google Play Store
Some of the Best Apps
Web Browsers
Creating Web Page Desktop Shortcuts
Smartphones- Avoiding Excess Data Charges
Smartphones – Preventing Unauthorised Use
Smartphones – Lost Or Stolen
Choosing Your Next Android Device
Navigation Control Icons Summary




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